Gas engine show rules and regulations

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| September 2004

Editor's note: This month's Stationary Engine List is a continuation from last month's column discussing the rules and regulations that govern old-engine shows.

Butt Buggies
- If you have a need for one, you can have it but you must register it. Despite the rule, someone gets mowed down by a manic golf cart pilot every year. If you are a worker, like the flea market czar or the photographer - or have a medical need - you can use one. We don't give anyone the third degree on how handicapped they are, no sense belittling anyone. Still, a lot of folks sneak them in to cruise the flea market. Does any club have a handle on this?

- Butt buggies should be available only to the handicapped. Portland requires not only a handicapped tag, but also a letter from the individual's doctor, which has cut down a good bit on the 'borrowing' of someone else's tag.

- Butt buggies are a difficult topic. When I was younger, I got around pretty good, and it wasn't needed. Now with some age on, it's nice to visit friends across the show grounds before 8 a.m. and after 4 p.m., which is allowed now. Sometimes they're needed to pick up some heavy engine part from the flea market.

- Your club's existing rules are good but should be enforced better in the flea market areas, where there are too many capable folks driving lawn tractors where there are a lot of people.

- Yes, they should be allowed for the handicapped and for those who work at the show. But, you must have someone willing to enforce your rules.