Gas Engine Show in Canada's Maritime Provinces

| March/April 1995

R.R. #2, (Dobson's Corner) Salisbury, Nova Scotia EOA 3E0

The efforts to preserve and publicize an important part of history took a significant step forward on October 1, 1994 when the first antique gas engine and machinery show in New Brunswick was held. The event took place as part of the New Brunswick Agricultural Museum's annual Harvest Day held on museum grounds in Sussex, New Bruns wick. Exhibitors from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Bruns wick displayed 28 engines, several power saws and six pieces of machinery including a cement mixer, blacksmith's post drill and a hay cutter. Some participants traveled over 150 miles.

Three engines were used to power the museum-owned wood cutter, hay press and threshing machine. A wagon load of oats was threshed and the straw was pressed.

Members of the museum society served baked beans, brown bread and gingerbread with whipped cream. The beans were kept hot on an old wood-burning kitchen range. During the meal local musicians entertained with guitars, banjos and fiddles. All participants were served free while spectators paid $5.00. There were no registration fees or admission charges.

About the pictures: I do not have the name of the boy pumping water. The other picture shows Stan Mosher, his son and grandson from Truro, Nova Scotia, starting one of their engines. Although the day was cool, cloudy and windy, a good crowd enjoyed the exhibition and we are looking forward to a bigger and better show on June 17, 1995, and in September 1995. Anyone interested can contact the author.