Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association Meet in Oregon

| January/February 1977

Half of the show grounds

Half of the show grounds taken from top of windmill the day before the Meet started.

2935 Cooley Drive, Salem, Oregon 97303

On 30 July 1976 Antique Powerland, Brooks, Oregon was invaded by hordes of chuggers, Branch #15 EDGE&TA hosted the national meet for 1976. Friday was the first day of the meet with everyone getting set up. There was a Chugger set up making homemade ice cream. Mike Schlag has his Fairbanks-Morse replica dealership set up with many different engines on display. Harvey Hilands had grandma's back porch in operation with a light plant with batteries, washing machine, lamps and an old water heater and wash tub.

Engines ranged in size from Alan Schurman's 50 HP FOOS down to Mike Schlag's ? HP Associated. The largest engine on the grounds was Ed Morse's 80 HP Fairbanks-Morse.

Friday night Branch #15 had a show with Harvey Hilands showing slides of last years National Meet and Gas-Up at Galt, Ca. Refreshments were served and a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning 'Daylight, Hey it is time to get up, - I hear a chugger running.' We crawl out of the sack and look outside 'It's still dark,' but we still hear that chugger running. Must be Louis Chapo, Br. #13 doing his washing. We ask him where the owner of that 3 uddered bra is, no response, just a chuckle.

Saturday is a busy day. The flour mill is going strong making stone ground flour and cornmeal. The sawmill is cutting out the 2X's. The threshing was going on all day as was the hay press and the steam powered well drill. In the middle of the afternoon we came to our senses and counted the equipment on the grounds. There were 18 Steamers, ranging in size from a 75 HP Case down to a 6 HP Russell. There were 63 gas tractors of all sizes and descriptions and 503 chuggers, yes that is right, 503 of those beautifully restored engines! Truly an iron collectors paradise. I will mention a few but space won't let me do them all. Cliff Hardy had his Frisco Standard, The Bottimores Union, Ed Stowe's garden tractor collection, Don Hendrickson's Blackstone, Clyde Schurman's Advance, Paul Schurman's 20 HP Witte, John McWilliam's Samson, Les Layton and Jack Versteeg's 25 HP Fairbanks-Morse (The Wishram Engine.)