From Pastureland To Showground

| May/June 1987

Restored Case

The restored Case.

11215 Oakland Drive Kalamazoo, MI 49002

This is a story of a 1942 Case of the 'S' series. It was affectionally called Mighty Mouse by the owners (an aunt and uncle of our recently married granddaughter). It had been put out to pasture behind a barn some 5 years or more previous to July 5th, 1985.

When our granddaughter got married the owners of this tractor told my son (after finding he and his father were old iron collectors) that he could have this tractor by merely driving up to Sutton's Bay and bringing it back.

After some inquiry and our young grandson's trip up there with his sister finding out more of this tractor, we got pretty anxious to get up there after it (after all 200 miles wasn't a bad drive for a free tractor).

So on Friday afternoon, July 5th, 1985, our daughter, son, and grandson in the rear of our pick-up and Mother and I in front were off to Traverse City.

That evening when we arrived at Sutton's Bay we found a rusty little creature in a rather sad state of repair begging for some T.L.C. Magneto failure had been the biggest reason this tractor had been laid up.