Fourth Annual Catoctin Antique Gas Engine Show

| September/October 1977

Lawrence Lewis with Engine

Myersville, Maryland 21773.

The Fourth Annual Catoctin Antique Gas Engine Show was held on October 2nd and 3rd., 1976at the Wolfsville Ruritan Community Park.

In addition to the exhibitors, the rains came in abundance. It began raining on Tuesday, September 28, 1976 and continued through the morning of October 2, 1976. This did not stop the exhibitors as there were exhibitors from ten states, including Washington, D.C. The turnout was not a record as far as exhibitors or engines on exhibit, but it sure was a dang good average. We had one hundred sixteen strong hearted souls who brought two hundred twenty-four engines, nine tractors, feed grinders, churns, washing machines, tredle lathe, ram pump, water motor, shingle mill and other crafts and displays. In light of the approximate eight inches of rain, the show was a rousing success.

Lawrence Lewis, Myersville and George Grouse, Frederich, Maryland, starting their engines during the heavy rain on Sunday morning.

The rain brought out the true personality of the exhibitors. Everyone was cheerful but wet. Spirits were high. In summation of what I saw, everyone had a grand time. Whenever the rain let up, the engines were uncovered and started. Many ran throughout the daylight hours, rain or not.

This group of men are truly a great breed of men (also women, boys and girls). Yes, we had a seven year old girl who ran her very own engine. They not only had the hard job of loading their engines in the rain, they knew they would probably unload in the rain. They also knew they would have the mud to clean off when they got home. They were truly great. We found there is no rain date at a gas engine show.