Found Photo Treasures

| April/May 1998

David Caldera

Bruce Heppler

Box 523 Covelo, California 95428

I recently came across these photos while cleaning closets. They were taken, I believe, in Glenn County, California, in the late Forties/early Fifties. The machine cutting the log is a gasoline powered drag saw. Two trucks are Chevrolets, one is a Dodge.

The people in the pictures we have been able to identify are: David Caldera, Zachary Caldera, Joe 'Covelo Joe' Clarke, Bruce Heppler, Ryan Heppler, Bruce 'Andy' Anderson, and Howard 'HG' Harris. Howard is the young man with the Nike shoes. I don't know how a kid got hold of Nike shoes and camouflage pants in the 1940s good thing these photos are in the 'April Fools' issue!