| January/February 1979

  • Orin Bates with Water Pipes
    Orin Bates, Killington, Vermont, making water pipe.

  • Orin Bates with Water Pipes

 Foster Hill, West Brookfield, Massachusetts 01585

June 29th dawned bright and shining and by 8:00 the engines and exhibits started to arrive. Soon there was the hum of people greeting old friends and meeting new, and everyone was active arranging their pet hobbies.

There were gas engines, pumps, steam engines, hot air engines, saw rigs, old tractors and farm machines. Many of the items were active most of the day.

In the craft area, there were people making hand-split shingles and Harry Bates and son were hewing timbers. Orin Bates was making wooden water pipes with his pug auger. He also had a tremendous display of old hand tools.

There were engines from Pennsylvania and Maine as well as the local area. Visitors were present from California and Florida and all the northeastern states.

I had my family of headless Witte engines arranged in a circle, and every now and then, I would start up my shingle mill and show the people how wood shingles were made.