| March/April 1978

  • Shingle Mill powered by steam engine
    Shingle Mill powered by steam engine.

  • Shingle Mill powered by steam engine

R.D. 3, Constabieville, New York 13325

The little village of Constableville, situated in northern New York since 1796 is now the scene for a part of our yesterdays. A group of old engine enthusiasts, mainly Constablevillians, have gotten together to bring forth, restore and put to work this equipment of bygone days. For three years of hard work as a group, these people have managed to put on a successful gas and steam engine show full of 'working' iron horses. The groups unique and appropriate name, 'Flywheels & Pulleys' suggests the purpose of their show.

The crowds stand awed as they watch the machinery run. Among the viewers are old timers who wait patiently for these 'awed youngsters' to ask a question or two. The machinery includes a 1923 stone separator-crusher made in Marathon, New York, an Ericsson hot air pumping machine, threshing machines, shingle mills, wood splitter, drag saws, gas run washing machine, a Case steam tractor and many smaller engines.

The show also includes craftsmen and flea market. It can be viewed the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) after Labor Day every year.

So, if you are an enthusiast or just enjoy watching - plan to visit the 'Flywheels & Pulleys Old Time Gas Engine Show' and make time to see this historic village also. You'll be more than glad. The show is free - no admission is charged. Food is available as are camper facilities.