First Annual Chickentown Show 1994

| April/May 1995

Four cylinder steam engine

The author's four cylinder steam engine.

Hotel Lincoln Antiques RR J, Box 131 Manns Choice, Pennsylvania 15550

The first annual Chicken town VFD Gas and Steam Association Show which was held on May 28th and 29th was a complete success. The weather was perfect and the attendance was more than expected.

A dozen or more steam engines and tractors were on hand. Thirty gas tractors were on parade and dozens of gas engines were on display. Various demonstrations were going on all day Saturday and Sunday. Several cut-off saws kept busy, along with an unusual handmade mine wedge cutting machine. A miniature steam tractor, sawmill and thresher were steaming along with the rest of the 'big boys.' There were horse drawn hay wagon rides and a kiddie tractor pull.

The most bizarre thing at the show was my own four cylinder rotary steam engine, which we ran for the first time since the 1960s. To everyone's amazement it ran well, and frighteningly fast! It was designed and built around 1920 by a man who used it to run his woodworking shop. I hope to have more information on this engine by the next show.

Everyone had a good laugh when I drove a borrowed steam-roller into a wet spot and got it stuck. A large Rumely OilPull came to the rescue and pulled it out. All had a great time and we look forward to an even bigger and better 1995 show.