'Field Of Dreams'

| September/October 1993

  • Tractors on Display
    Tractor Push anyone?

  • Tractors on Display

Pres. Tennessee Pioneer Power Assn. P.O. Box 125 Eagleville, Tennessee 37060

The banner over the main gate to the exhibit area read 'Field of Dreams,' as the Tennessee Valley Pioneer Power Association proudly hosted their fifth annual show on September 12th and 13th, 1992. The weather was beautiful in the Volunteer State, and the exhibitor and attendance records were once again broken. Exhibitors from seven states displayed nearly 400 antique tractors, many antique gas engines, steam models and other displays.

Our show, called Pioneer Power Days, features antique tractor pulls, slow races, hand cranking contest, children's pedal tractor races and pulls, and a new event this year called the tractor push. Events at shows are most often born of everyday chores on the farm. The tractor push is certainly no exception. How many of you have run out of gas 50 feet from the machinery shed, or tried to start a tractor with a dead battery with no other tractor or truck around to assist? You usually holler for your wife to steer, and maybe if you are lucky, a friend (hopefully a large friend) to help push. For this event, we line up the tractors which must weigh at least 4000 pounds), put the wife in the seat to steer, and you push with your friend's help. The first tractor to cross the finish line wins!! This year's contest was won by Charlie and Kathy Woodson with good friend John Patillo helping to push.

Over 200 tractors entered the games that were held both days, with some of the South's top competitors on hand for the honors. Approximately 60 children competed in the pedal tractor races and pulls as proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a few cousins, recorded the events on videotape and film. As usual, a girl won the top competition in the 10 year old division!

The gas engine displays were great, as the owners proudly showed their relics to large crowds of onlookers. Several exhibitors had their engines belted up to grist mills, water pumps, and other machinery to show the younger generation their purpose.

The Kieffer family baled hay both days with their newly restored John Deere Dain hay press, which renewed memories for many who gathered to watch.