February Show Time in Anchorage Alaska

| September/October 1997

1999 J Birchwood Loop, Chugiak, Alaska 99567

For the past sixty-two years, the city of Anchorage has put on a winter carnival, called 'The Fur Rendezvous.' For two weeks in the middle of winter, there is a lot going on in Anchorage town everything from car shows, to Softball games, world championship dog races, the fur auction and about anything else you can think of, takes place.

Well, the Antique Power Club decided this would be a good time for a show, and for the past five years we've put one on. Oh yes, our club is six years old. We have about sixty-five members, with close to twenty being very active. Some of our members have lots of equipment. We have one member who has over one hundred engines. Some of our members don't like to show, or can't; as we all know showing is a lot of work.

This year we had the most people ever of any winter show. We have the show indoors, and of course everything that was there ran, almost. Sometimes this can be a problem.

The club has five or six shows a year, this year seven. We also have a branch membership, with twenty members in Wasilla, Alaska, which is fifty miles north of Anchorage. The club works with the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, which is also in Wasilla. The museum is a must-see, if you get up this way. There is one thing for sure about old iron, it draws good people. If you need information drop me a line.