Farm Toy Museum

| October/November 1986

Collectors of farm toys will be interested in a project of the Ertl Co. of Dyersville, Iowa.

Ertl will make 'Special Collectors Edition Set' of tractors in order to help establish a National Farm Toy Museum and community center in Dyersville. The 3 tractors, a Cockshutt 40, Cockshutt 50 and Blackhawk 40 will sell as a set for $115.00 postpaid. Order deadline is November 15. Checks should be payable to National Farm Toy Museum, the non-profit organization which will benefit from the profits of the sale and will own the building.

To order the set, send check or money order to National Farm Toy Museum, c/o Ertl Co., Hwy 136 & 20, Dyersville, Iowa 52040, or phone for illustrated order blank: in Iowa 800-942-4618, outside Iowa 800-553-4886, ask for OEM Sales Dept.

The National Farm Toy Show will be held in Dyersville November 7, 8 and 9.