| January/February 1977

Amboy, Minnesota 56010

From Hickok and son, Tom, Amboy, Minnesota comes a big, big Thank You to all you people from all over our fifty states and foreign countries that came so far to attend our Farm Fest 76 U.S.A. at Lake Crystal, Minnesota which is about thirty miles from us.

'WE THANK YOU' - Mrs. Hickok and myself and Tom and his family were there for six days of it. It was no less than an enormous exhibition showing everything that one could think of or imagine. As we talk about it now and think of how really big it was, it seems that as many, many engine men as there are, we really had a very small piece of it.

Most of the antiques at Farm Fest were donated for the showing. Farm Fest hauled in and delivered back most of the tractors and antique machinery. It came from all over the U.S.A.

It's a bit different with gas engines. No good engine man is going to let someone load his engines on a truck and start off across the country; anyway we're Not going to! When our engines go, we go with 'em.

We have made a policy now that we think is fair to all concerned. Everyone knows that it costs a lot of money to own, maintain, transport and operate these engines at the shows. We do it this way - if it's a parade on a good will thing, no charge; but if there is a charge of any kind we get paid or we don't show. Some shows are a bit different, as most all the people working there are doing it for free and the money all stays in the organization; they do try and pay one's feast expenses.