Evolution Of A Collection

| June/July 1994

Rt #2, Box 376 Boaz, Kentucky 42027

A few years ago I got interested in antique tractors and engines, as my dad had a 3 HP Economy to pull a sausage mill and a cutoff saw used to saw firewood.

I bought a 1 HP Economy, which I put on trucks, and a corn grinder.

Then I found a Fordson tractor sitting under a lot of junk at an antique place. I brought it home and restored it.

It was awfully heavy to haul, so I looked around and found a Gibson D garden tractor. I took it home and restored it. I started carting it to shows and it was fairly rare.

Then I got interested in Gibsons and started collecting them. Now I have eight different models, some of which are restored. I have several Ds and As to restore at a later date. My last one to restore is a Gibson model I, 6 cylinder, that I found in Canton, Missouri. The engine was stuck, the transmission was stuck, and I worked on it about four months. It's finally completed, thanks to my wife Cora's help and indulgence.