Engine Show Revs Up Community League

| February/March 1997

  • 15 HP Reid gas engine
    Rex Greenlee of Franklin stands beside the 15 HP Reid gas engine he displayed at the Antique Gas Engine and Equipment Show staged by the Victory Heights Community League.

  • 15 HP Reid gas engine

The following article originally appeared in the June 12, 1 995 issue of the Franklin, Pennsylvania News-Herald and is reprinted courtesy of that newspaper.

VICTORY HEIGHTSA chance suggestion by one of its members turned into a successful fund-raiser for the Victory Heights Community League weekend in June, 1995. It was the league's first-ever Antique Gas Engine and Equipment Show, held in a grassy field that is part of its 80-acre property off Route 322 east of Franklin.

'It was about a year ago (1994) when one of our members, Kris Meddock, suggested we hold an engine show,' said Bruce Golden of Franklin RD 2, the show's organizer. 'We thought it was a good idea, so we took him up on his suggestion.'

Golden explained that Meddock has been a collector of antique engines for 15 years. Several other members including Golden himself are also collectors, thus, holding a show of this type was a natural for the league. 'We decided to try it to see what happens,' he said.

The club's first move was to place an announcement describing the show in The Directory, a booklet for engine collectors that is distributed all across the country. By doing so, the league therefore alerted collectors as to the existence of this new show.

'We checked The Directory pretty close,' said Golden. 'We wanted to be sure we picked a weekend where there weren't any other shows in the area.' The more avid collectors, he explained, go from show to show, sometimes hauling their old engines out for display nearly every weekend, thus, holding their show on an open weekend probably helped to attract exhibitors.