| January/February 1984

2214 Redwood Street Boothwyn, PA 19061

I've been reading about the 14-year-old collectors in your magazine. So I thought you would be interested in an even younger one. I have been attending engine shows since I was 8 years old. My collection of engines includes a 3 HP Wheel Horse garden tractor; two 2-cylinder Maytags; one 1-cylinder Maytag; a 1 HP Novo pump engine; a 1 HP Fairbanks Morse and a 1937 John Deere 'B' tractor.

The Wheel Horse was the first thing I got. It was given to me by my grandfather. In 1981 at the Kinzer Rough and Tumble show, I saw a 'For Sale' sign for a 1937 John Deere 'B' and told my grandfather about it. He went to the man and bought it and I drove it in the parade of tractors that same day, and on the last day of the show I pulled the sprinkler wagon and earned a free membership for 1982. That winter we restored the tractor to the original yellow and green colors and have been parading in every show we go to. A very nice man, whom I am sure would prefer to remain nameless, gave me the Novo, the Fairbanks Morse and two of the Maytags. Without my grandfather and this friend the only engine I would have would be the two cylinder Maytag which I bought myself.

Without the kindness and interest of my grandparents and parents I would not be able to keep up and would not have any engines. I want to thank them and the kind friend for this, my grandmother for living and cooking through all the engine shows, and my mother for having the Fairbanks Morse engine in the dining room through one whole winter!