| June/July 1989

Sec.Rt 2, Box 153 Cambridge, Illinois 61238

The weekend of June 18 and 19, 1988 was a very busy weekend at Mildred Ringberg and her son Robert's farm south of Woodhull, Illinois. The Edwards River Antique Engine Association held the third annual show.

The featured tractor for '88 was a 1937 Twin City J T U owned by Dale Casteel of Cambridge, Illinois. The tractor was completely restored by Dale. He says it is 'just like Dad's'.

The featured engine for '88 was an Ever-Ready owned and completely restored by Bill McGlaughlin of Matherville, Illinois. It sure runs good too. Bill is very proud of this engine. The Ever-Ready is a 1911.

There was something for everyone at our show. We had flea markets with all sorts of goodies. There were 76 engines on display, doing various jobs such as grinding corn, crushing cans, pumping water, baling straw and running fans. There were several small homemade engines, also.

We had about 90 tractors, which made for a fantastic parade both afternoons. There was corn shelling out of the crib and plowing in the field both days also. Some of the tractors took a turn on the big fan. The big Case steam engine was a hit with everyone.