EDGE&TA Shows Update

| February/March 2000

Member EDGE & TA Board Directors 901 Thistle Ridge Court Arlington, Texas 76017

Hello everyone, it is time for an EDGE&TA update.

First, I want to tell you about this year's four regional shows. June 4, 5, and 6 were the dates for the Southwest Regional Show held at Angels Camp, California. This show was hosted by EDGE&TA Branch #49, Brandon Perry, president. Of special interest, this show introduced and inducted the first EDGE&TA 1999 Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Paul Reno of Oakland, California. Approximately seventeen branches took part in this show.

Next we move to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where on June 26 and 27 Branch #13 hosted the 1999 Northeast Regional. The featured tractor was the MM, with about 30 on hand, consisting of several models.

The Northwest Regional was held September 19 at the Jubilee Farm located near Redmond, Washington, and hosted by EDGE&TA Branch #36 (Nigel Lee, president). Nine different branches were represented at this event.

The last regional for 1999 was the Southeastern, held October 15 and 16 and put on by the Granbury Flywheelers at Lime Park, which is home to the Old Light Plant in Granbury, Texas. Mr. Duncan Seawright of Meridian, Texas was inducted into the EDGE&TA Hall of Fame and received his plaque at the Saturday evening supper and meeting. This is the second and final Hall of Fame induction for 1999. Approximately eight branches participated in this event.