EDGE&TA Branch 26

| February/March 1988

  • Branch 26 officers
    Branch 26 officers (l to r): Chuck Zeiger, vice president; Anita Watters, secretary-treasurer; Chuck Watters, president; and Morrie Robinson, newsletter editor.
    John Tucker

  • Branch 26 officers

Secretary-Treasurer, Branch 26 249 Old 99 N. Burlington, Washington 98233

(Jack Versteeg, national president of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association has asked each branch to send us a brief history. The following is the first we received, written about Branch 26, Burlington, Washington.)

The idea for starting a branch had surfaced and been discussed many times, but no decision had been made until Chuck and Anita Watters went to the National Meeting in July at Brooks, Oregon this year. While there, over breakfast with Jack Versteeg, it was decided the time was right to go ahead. Jack announced that evening at the National Meeting that Branch 26 was being formed.

As the new kid on the block, and only one meeting being held on October 17, we do not have a lot to report. We are located in the Skagit Valley, in Washington State, but have many members from surrounding communities. At the present time we have 38 members and 25 auxiliary members. Our officers are: president, Chuck Watters, 249 Old 99 N., Burlington, WA 98233; vice president, Chuck Zeiger, 707 Poplar Drive, Bellingham, WA 98225; secretary-treasurer, Anita Watters 249 Old 99 N, Burlington, WA 98233; newsletter editor, Morrie Robinson, 1087 Potts Road, Sedro Wolley, WA 98284.

Our main goal is to enjoy our hobby, and display it for the public to see as often as possible.

Photo courtesy of John Tucker, 1879 Cascade Hwy., Burlington, Washington 98233.