EDGE&TA Branch 22 San Diego, California

| April/May 1988

Sent by Jack Versteeg, Jr.1215 jays Dr. N.E., Salem, Oregon, 97303

Branch 22 was organized in the fall of 1986-and was officially recognized by National EDGE & TA as of January 1, 1987.

Norm Burke, President.
John Weir, Vice President
Betty May, Secretary/Treasurer
Directors: Bob DeBurn, Al Leudtke, Jim Taylor, Ed Spencer, Dennis Ruff.
National Director: Bill May
Joni Weir volunteered to print the newsletter for the first year.

The purpose of the organization is to preserve the ways and means of our early machanical heritage for the future generations.

The organization held five shows during 1987, attended several parades and hosted two general membership potlucks. There seems to be lots of interest in this new organization. The club organized with 60 charter members and ended the year with membership over 80.

Seven special events are scheduled for 1988, and the positive attitude of all members assures a very successful 1988!