Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association

| October/November 1996

National Vice President 3848 S. Farm Road 93 Republic, Missouri 65738

The Northwest Regional was held in Ridgefield, Washington, and hosted by Branch 23. Nine branches from the Northwest were in attendance.

One item of business was an amendment to the by-laws dealing with the payment of dues. A motion was made and seconded that dues are payable for the previous year no later than December 31 (postmarked) without penalties or the branch will be dropped and required to reapply as a new branch with the last year's dues and an estimate of current year's dues payable at that time and take the next available branch number. A ballot with the above amendment has been mailed to all branches and in accordance to the by-laws, have 90 days to return the ballot to the national. At that time, the results will be made known.

We would like to welcome Branch 77 into the national, Northeastern Montana Threshers and Antique Association, Box 168, Culbertson, Montana 59218. President is Clifford Johnson, South Route Box 2073, Poplar, Montana 49255.

Hope everyone is having a good summer and show season.