Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| June/July 1995

Rt.2, Box 167A Republic, Missouri 65738

In the issue that I listed the locations and dates of the 1995 Regional Meets, I did not have the dates for the Northwest Regional. The dates will be September 2-3, 1995, and it will be hosted near Klamath Falls, Oregon, by Branch 21. Contact Otto Mueller at 503-798-1058 for more information.

I enjoy receiving newsletters from all of the branches. They are all very informative of the news in the local branches. This lets the National know what is going on at the local level. One thing in common with all the newsletters is the fact that the editors are begging for more news items. If you have been thinking about doing an article about your favorite engine or tractor or an experience you had as you were growing up, share it with your Editor. You might even want to send it in to GEM!

Another feature of the newsletters deals with safety. This is a very important part of our shows. It takes everyone's involvement. H. R. Shoemaker, Safety Officer for Branch 16, gave a very good talk on safety at our April meeting. One good point that he made was to know your neighbor at the show. The exhibitor next to you may be someone from out-of-town who's not aware of your safety requirements. So, help each other and know their equipment so that you can stop an engine or tractor if needed. We have a good track record but we need to work hard to keep it. By working together and watching out for each other, we can all enjoy a safe season of shows.

Hope to see you at some of the shows this summer!