Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| July/August 1991

President 3510 Brooklake Rd., N.E. Brooks, Oregon 97303

Hello in Engineland! This month, we'll finish up our brief 'biographies' of each branch, starting with:

Branch 27-They were formed in 1984 and are located in the mid-coast area of California. Most of their members are from Santa Barbara County, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties. Their approximate membership is at about 95. Their annual show is at the Stow House in Goleta on 4 . July. They also participate in the Pioneer Days show in Paso Robles. Their newsletter is called the 'Branch 27 News.'

Branch 28-Located in the West Plains, Mississouri country, they have about 50 members, with about3/4 being farmers and the rest city dwellers. Their annual show is the second weekend of August at the Howell County Fairgrounds in West Plains. At the present time they do not have a newsletter.

Branch 29-was started in June 1988 and is located at Worden, Montana. Their annual show is the third weekend in August, and they also participate in the parade at Community Homesteaders Days. They have about 22 members. Their main theme during the show is working the soil with horses and old tractors. Their newsletter is in the planning stages.

Branch 31-Located at Windsor, California, it was formed in September 1988. They have about 125 members. They participate in shows with the Petaluma Air Show, Geyersville Draft Horse Club plowday, and have a gas up at the Warm Springs dam. Their members come from all walks of life and cover the area from southern Oregon to San Francisco. Their newsletter is called the 'North Bay Flywheeler.'