Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| January/February 1992

3510 Brooklake Rd. Brooks, OR 97303

This month we continue with the minutes of EDGE&TA's National meeting, held August 17, 1991, as recorded by secretary Menno Kliewer.

A letter in the form of a motion was presented by Branch #3 that the National be more explicit with advance information regarding the methods of nominations and election of National officers. This motion died for lack of a second.

The 1991 travel allowance for the National officers should remain at $.20 per mile for this year. It was M/S/C to that effect.

Representative Gus Peterson from Monument, Oregon presented an invitation from EDGE&TA Branch #12 to host the 1992 National Meeting and Show, on August 15-16 at Union Gap, Washington. He presented directions, accommodations and general information for all members to attend. It was M/S/C that this invitation be accepted.

President Versteeg introduced Donald W. Knowles, editor of Engineers & Engines Magazine, which is our official publication. Don expressed appreciation for attending and becoming more acquainted with EDGE&TA members.