Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| February/March 1995

Vice President Rt. 2, Box 167A Republic, Missouri 65738

Happy New Year! We would like to welcome Branch 60 into the National. Nancy Gooch, 1278 Old Highway 99, Columbia, Tennessee 38401, serves as Secretary-Treasurer. Columbia is about 40 miles southwest of Nashville. Also, thanks to Jerry Wy more for helping Branch 60 get started.

The first of the year is when most branches elect officers for the coming year. If you have been a member that sits back and lets the officers do all the work, make this the year that you get involved and give the officers that much-needed help that is required to make the year a success. Also, don't forget the editor of your newsletter-help them out too. They put a lot of work into getting a newsletter out. If you have a story about an engine or tractor, share it with your editor so that they might use it. Let them know that you appreciate all the hard work that they do.

We are working very hard on setting up regional meets. This would be in addition to the National Show and would allow more branches to host a show at the National level. We hope to have more on this in the future.