Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association Inc.

| February/March 1993

3510 Brooklake Rd., N.E. Brooks, Oregon 97303

Now on to the state of the iron. The National is continuing to grow and at present we have about 6500 members throughout the United States, and are continuing to grow. More people are coming into the hobby each year, and we are trying to get as many of the younger ones involved as possible. After all, who will carry on for us when we are gone? We are only caretakers of this iron, someone else owned before us, and we are just taking care of it until it comes to the point where we let go and pass it on to someone else. We hope that they will enjoy it and take care of it for the next generation.

Being in business for myself, I get a little concerned about what the economy is doing. It seems that every time the paper comes out with an article about how slow things are, my business slows down.

This last year being an election year, things got real slow for awhile. I own a retail business dealing in farm and construction toys. I own an auction company and we deal in antique farm equipment and engines and old toys. We just had an auction and after the sale I cannot believe that we are in a recession. Everyone who attended came to spend money, and that they did. Most of the items brought quite a bit more than value. In the toy store the only things that have fallen off are the medium price items. The high dollar things still sell well, and the low dollar items even better. Maybe after we get the political scene settled down, we can get back to business and start to enjoy ourselves again.

The harvest season is over at the time of this offering, and I hope that everyone has had a bountiful harvest. Here in the West all the crops were in abundance and the farmers had a great harvest.

Now the equipment has been put away, and we've started a new year.