Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| December/January 1997

National Vice President 3848 South Farm Road 93 Republic, Missouri 65738

The Southeast Regional hosted by Branch 37, Gentry, Arkansas, was a very good show. The attendance and number of exhibits were up this year. Threshing, a sawmill, and a parade of equipment were among the many activities on Saturday. There were many gas engines on display, also.

Bill Evans had a Belle City thresher that my dad, Frank Stark, sold new in the late 1940s. Dad was a Belle City dealer at Billings, Missouri. Bill 'let me' pitch a few bundles of wheat into the machine as Ross Staggs from Muskogee, Oklahoma, supplied the power with his 50 HP Case steam engine.

A highlight of the show was around 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon when Max Hall of Springdale, Arkansas, showed his 1956 CH-21-C helicopter. Max, along with Clarence Woolley, have over 13,000 hours invested in restoring this aircraft. It is the only model C that is flying today.

We had nine branches at the meeting, and afterwards, the ladies of the club brought in a picnic supper and we had hotdogs cooked in a bull. That was a first for me.

I did not get to attend the Northwest Regional hosted by Branch 39 at Wauconda, Illinois. Jerry Wymore, director of the East Regional, had nothing but good words for this show. Nine branches were in atten-dance. This show is held at the Lake County Museum and they also had many activities going on all day. Not only did they have tractors and engines, but they also had many farm heritage demonstrations. Soap making, beekeeping, and sheep herding, all things that our young people need to see so that they can understand how Grandpa and Grandma used to make a living.