Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| August/September 1997

National Vice President 3848 South Farm Road 93 Republic, Missouri 65738

The following branches came into the National in April, and I believe I failed to mention them. Branch 88, Arkansas, James W. Gottfried, 814 N. Albert Pike, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903; Branch 91, Arkansas, Larry A. Burchfield, 15221 Laura Way, Alexander, Arkansas 72002; Branch 92, Alabama, Wayne Thompson, 4960 Co. Line Road, Leighton, Alabama 35646, president. We have a couple more to tell you about in May: Branch 93 in Massachusetts with Ernie Darrow, 55 Kendra Lane, Taunton, Massachusetts 02780, president, and Branch 94, Minnesota, with Paul Fonteyn, Box 144, Minneota, Minnesota 56264, as president.

We will soon be at 100 branches and you have to wonder where would we be today if not for men like Lou Chapo, Jack Versteeg and Harvey Hiland back in the '70s when our National was really having trouble. Under the leadership of Lou, our club was turned around and now we are nearing 100.

As you grow it takes more help, and with this in mind President Jack Versteeg has appointed two additional advisors: Curtis Cook, of the East Region, Branch 35, and Ruth Warnock of the West Region, Branch 22. Thanks to these two for accepting the appointment.

Enjoy the '97 show season and I hope to see you at the shows (see the table below for a listing of upcoming National and regional shows). As I often say, 'My work interferes with my play way too much,' but I also realize if I didn't work, I couldn't play at all!