Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc.

| April/May 1991

President 3510 Brooklake Rd., N.E. Brooks, Oregon 97303.

In continuing our mention of branches of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, Inc., from previous issues, we would like to start out with:

Branch 2-They were formed in the summer of 1959 and are located at Sussex, Wisconsin. They are the oldest branch that is still located in the same area in which they were started. Their membership is approximately 350 members. Their annual show is the later part of August, the weekend before Labor Day, and is usually a two-day event. They also hold a spring field day in April, a picnic in June, and have their annual banquet in October. Their membership is about 80% city folks and 20% farmers. Their newsletter is called 'Hits and Misses.'

Branch 3-Branch 3 was formed in February 1979 and is located on the central coast of California. Their membership is about 400 strong. They participate in many shows from April through October, in connection with historical parks where history comes alive for the visitors. They also exhibit at many county fairs. Their membership is quite diverse, being comprised of fanners, teachers, machinists, computer specialists, and other professions. Their newsletter is called 'Branch 3 News.' They have the distinction of having the only woman president in the EDGE&TA.

Branch 5-This branch was formed in 1964. They started out at Heston, Indiana, and in 1983 moved to Three Oaks, Michigan. Their annual show is the first weekend of August. They also participate in the Sorghum Festival the first weekend of October. Their approximate membership is 90 members. Their membership comes from northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

Branch 9-This branch was formed in January 1984. They are located in the Grants Pass, Oregon area. They hold an annual show on their own show grounds at Pottsville, Oregon. Pottsville was named after State Senator Deb Potts, who has been very active in state and local activities for many years. They also have a gas-up on Father's Day weekend, and they host a summer swap meet. They have about 115 members, with 17 of them being charter members. Their members come from southern Oregon and northern California. Their newsletter is called 'The Cast Iron News.'