Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Assoc. Inc.

| March/April 1991

3510 Brooklake Rd. N.E. Brooks, Oregon 97303.

The National officers have been trying to visit as many branches as possible throughout the year so as to make personal contact and just see how they are doing and help solve any problems that they may have. A few branches have several shows a year with some of them showing at fairs that run in length from seven to ten days. It appears to be quite a personal and financial burden to take so much time from work and put on a show. Those few who do this deserve a big round of applause for their dedication.

The following we borrowed from The Big Sky Tire Iron Newsletter, by Branch 29 in south-central Montana.

'Timing is important when purchasing 'new' old toys. It is not time to bring your new acquisitions home if you have recently heard the following wifely comments:

'Look what you've done to your good clothes!-Do you know how long I've been waiting here in the car?- Why are you stopping here? We don't even know these people!-What will people think if they see you out in those weeds?-You can't put that dirty old thing in this nice clean car!-You want to pay how much for that junk?-If you buy that, I'm going to get a new piece of furniture!'

A big change was made this past year in one area of the organizational makeup of the National Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, Inc. The procedure of electing officers was changed. In the past, officers were elected by nomination from the floor during the National Meeting, and thus elected. This system was quite unfair to the branches that couldn't send a representative to the meeting to be a participant.