| May/June 1977

Olds Gas Engine

Hancock, New Hampshire 03449

The fifth annual gas engine meet in Dublin, New Hampshire, was held on September 18 and 19, 1976. This was our first attempt at a two-day meet and we had to move to a new location again this year. We are now located on a very large field that is owned by a member of our local club so, hopefully, we have found a permanent location for this meet.

We found that there were many problems associated with a two-day meet that don't show up on a one-day get together. It becomes necessary to have more food available and later in the day; and to be able to recommend overnight accommodations, camping facilities, and to have better toilet facilities. It is also very important to be prepared for more exhibitors, especially more elaborate exhibits; for instance, we had one man bring a loom which was powered by a single cylinder engine.

1895 'Reid' 12 HP owned by Carl and Elroy Eldahl of Manchester, New Hampshire - a very unusual engine for the New Hampshire area, considering we don't have oil wells.

We also had people travel greater distances to display their equipment. A man from Rhode Island brought a shingle mill which we powered by a Fordson tractor on Saturday and part of Sunday. On Sunday, too, it was powered by a John Deere GP. Both tractors provided very good power. We tried to power the shingle mill with a very early Mogul tractor, but couldn't get the speed required with the pulleys available.

Saturday was a good day, though it was slightly overcast and the weatherman was threatening us with something nasty, but this didn't stop the people from coming. Things started off quite slowly, but by noon we had one of the largest turnouts we've ever had. By about three o'clock the rains came but didn't dampen the spirits too much as the people gathered under the cook tent to talk and trade stories, etc. As the rains let up the exhibitors and visitors went on their ways hoping that Sunday would be even better.