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1929 International Petroleum Exposition

| January/February 2004

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  • Dresser-Rand Heritage

Regular readers will remember the photos we've run in the past from the Dresser-Rand Heritage files. Regular contributors Mac and Betty Sine secured permission to have some of these photos reprinted in Gas Engine Magazine, and this issue they send this great shot of the Ingersoll-Rand display at the 1929 International Petroleum Exposition held in Tulsa, Okla.

The equipment shown in the photo includes a Type XG engine/compressor, a Type XOG engine/compressor (vertical engine with horizontal compressor), a Type 20 portable air compressor and a Type DG-4 engine/compressor. The DG-4 is the small unit just behind one of the pavilion posts.

Photo courtesy Dresser-Rand Co. Special thanks to Mac and Betty Sine, 13 Main St., Lawrenceville, PA 16929.