Antique Power Club Show

| March/April 1997

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    There were 65 entries in the antique tractor pull Saturday afternoon at the 1996 Dodge County Antique Power Show, Burnett Corners, Wisconsin.
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    Several tractors that were part of the Ford and Fordson feature at the 1996 Dodge County Antique Power Show. There were 42 Ford exhibitors with 50 to 60 pieces of equipment.

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1310 S. 9th Street Watertown, Wisconsin 53094

The little crossroads settlement of Burnett Corners, Wisconsin, is home to the Dodge County Antique Power Club. On August 3 & 4, 1996, the Power Club presented its 28th annual Antique Power Show.

Even with clear blue skies all weekend, there was quite a bit of gray at the show grounds. That gray was caused by a large display of this year's feature: Ford and Fordson tractors and related machinery.

The Ford feature turned out better than many people expected. There were 42 registered Ford exhibitors and approximately 50 to 60 pieces in the Ford feature. There was everything from working tractors as common as dirt to beautifully restored pieces and a few quite rare units.

One Ford collector commented that since Ford isn't often featured at these shows he made it a real point to be there for this one.

The oldest piece in the Ford feature was a 1919 model F Fordson tractor owned by the Neumann family of Waupun. They also brought two later Fordsons. Donald Lund, Hartland, brought a 1923 Fordson. There was a total of five of these pioneer tractors.