Denmark 77

| November/December 1977

R.R. 3, Box 78, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641

On June 4th and 5th, the South-east Iowa Antique Gas Engine Club held its 11th annual show in Denmark, Iowa. The show was originally located in Franklin, Iowa, for the first five years. Then the show was moved to its present site, in Star Park.

Setting up for the show started the preceding weekend, with many of the exhibitors coming early in the week to set up.

Saturday at about 7:00, the first engine was fired up and the show had started. For awhile it looked as if it would rain, but by noon the dark clouds had passed us by and the sun appeared. There were engines pumping water, shelling corn, and running a cement mixer. A 10 HP Fairbanks Morse throttling governor engine powered the grist mill. Corn meal was sold. Steam provided the power to saw logs into boards. In the afternoon, a caravan of Packard cars stopped at the show for a short time. At 3:00 a parade of all the tractors and cars was held around the grounds. There were many souvenirs, antiques, and other things to buy from the 160 flea market dealers. As it got dark, light plants were started, providing light for the later arriving spectators. At 8:00 a country band, made up of members of the club, played.

Sunday, the weather was perfect and the crowd was good. Exhibitors continued to arrive into the afternoon. Then it soon came time to load up and start out on the trip home.

This year there were a total of 185 exhibitors. There were 340 gas engines, 22 tractors, 4 model steam engines, 25 cars and about 15 antique motorcycles. The biggest engines were a Fairbanks Morse 25 HP vertical generator plant and a 1901, 12 HP Reid, Clerk cycle engine. The smallest was a 1/2 HP Ideal. There were many different makes of engines present, including Domestic, St. Marys, R & V, Lauson-Lawton, Missouri, Associated, Sandow, Witte, Monitor, Reeves, Fairbanks Morse and Rawleigh.