Dayton Area Antique! Ending & Equipment Ass.

| September/October 1975

Several years ago, Norman Stuckey invited a number of local engine and tractor enthusiasts around the Dayton, Ohio area to formulate an engine club. The object being to maintain contact between engine fans during the winter months and to have shows at special events in the area.

We meet monthly from Sept. until June at members homes. The wives bring food, chat and do handwork, etc. while the men look at the host's newest acquisitions.

We then have a business meeting and sort of a 'show and tell' session. Old pamphlets, books, etc. are examined and experiences members have had are discussed. By then the ladies have the food arranged (and they are all experts in that area) so all enjoy a delicious meal.

The club has badges and a large banner to display at our special meets. We have tried to keep bookkeeping and work at a minimum. All look forward to the monthly meetings.