Cumberland Plateau Antique Tractor & Engine Association Show

| December/January 1998

Display of Tractors

Display by International Harvester Chapter #9.

PO Box 931 Crossville, Tennessee 38557

On May 9, 10, 1998, the Cumber-land Plateau Antique Tractor & Engine Association of Crossville, Louisiana, held their third annual show at the county complex. Saturday was a beautiful day with a great crowd attending to view the large showing of 200 tractors and 150 gas engines. There were many working displays. The local antique car club and the International Harvester Chapter 9 Club were in attendance and added much to the entire show. There were several activities for the kids, such as a train rides pulled by a tractor, hay rides and a pedal tractor pull.

There was to be a tractor pull in the arena, but as we had had so much rain in the weeks before, it was a mud hole. After lots of work with a road grader and other equipment, it was finally scraped down enough to hold the pull.

Ice cream was made by gas engine power and a fine array of food was served by club members. Sunday was a total washout as the rains came and never let up.

Through the efforts of the club members and all participants, the show was a great success. Come and visit with us next year.