Compliments To Our Advertisers

| December/January 1989

7728 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85020

I sometimes wonder if we appreciate GEM advertisers as much as we should. Perhaps we too often classify them as business people, but I have found them to be much more than that. I feel that they are deeply dedicated to our hobby and mutual interest. Many of us can thank them for parts needed to complete a project or for the information they so graciously give.

I, for one, wish to thank Lee Pedersen for the switches, C. Bergbower for the coils (that work equally well on 6 or 12 volts), Robert Alberts for the skids, and last but not least, the Shelly and Stevens families for the detailed plans and excellent castings. Their advice and moral support made it possible for me to have two very nice and fine-running models. I also have an 'OB combination' motor and air compressor, made by Oscar Bergstrom, which I have had for over 40 years. I used it to paint several cars and it served as my only source of compressed air for many years.

Excuse the pun, but GEM really is a gem!