Rules and Regulations at Antique Engine and Tractor Shows

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| August/September 2004

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A regular discussion topic that crops up on the Stationary Engine Mailing List is about the rules and regulations that govern our hobby. Finding a compromise between protecting the public and keeping the rules at a sensible level so that all exhibitors are still able to enjoy themselves is a difficult one, and it's similar for show organizers around the world.

This issue, I've put together a compilation of opinions on the subject as expressed by show organizers and attendees. Regular readers will notice I've formatted the column a bit different than usual to group the subjects together.

I encourage you all to take note of the complaints, constructive criticisms and ideas for your next club meeting!

Ropes - Should there be one, two or none at all? We require a rope around engines, machinery and belts.

(The Australian members of the list declined to comment on this issue as the rules at their shows are becoming increasingly stringent. We expect to hear shortly that 6-foot-high, solid-metal fences will be erected at all show grounds, and the public kept away for their own safety!)