Caught Up In the Past

| August/September 1996

R.R. #1, Box 107 Edwardsport, Indiana 47528

It's that time of year when we start preparing for another antique show. Winter has left its mark and the warm weather has arrived. The monthly meeting of the White River Valley Antique Association starts buzzing and everyone is full of new ideas to help improve our fall show.

Always amazing is the wonderful crowd that shows up the weekend after Labor Day at the Elnora, Indiana, show grounds. Each year the attendance is growing, and last year was no exception. Exceeding all expectations each day made everyone feel a real sense of pride.

School children are always a big source of pride to us. Also, on Fridays the nursing homes arrive and let the people reminisce on how it used to be. Both the school children and nursing homes attend compliments of the club.

The food is always a hit with ham and beans, apple butter, homemade ice cream, homemade root beer, fresh potato chips, carmel corn, plus all the other confectioneries. If cornmeal from a grist mill sounds good, you will find that close to the sorghum shack. You will not forget what time to eat, as the big steam engines signal that it is noon.

I can hear the whistles blow now, as the threshing machine starts to run and it's time to thresh wheat. That job is never complete until the stationary baler bales the straw. Oh yes, me too, I would rather play in the straw pile than to have it baled, but oh, the itch that follows! Also interesting is a two-horse treadmill that runs a threshing machine. That's what you call real horsepower.