Case Expo at Rough & Tumble

| February/March 1989

Co-Chairman, Communications International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation, Inc. 204 East Melbourne Ave. Silver Spring, Maryland, 20901

An old adage says: 'When it rains, it pours!' At Kinzers, PA on August 20-the final day of this year's four-day 2nd Annual International J. I. Case Heritage Exposition, it did rain and it poured. But, what happened couldn't detract from what was, for most of those who participated in this event, a totally rewarding experience. And, remarkably, the crowds of people kept coming in the rain. In fact, persons in the parking of cars reported in amazement that as the parking fields grew soggy, people were asking for tractor assistance to pull their cars INTO parking spaces.

'They saw the mud, but that didn't stop them,' a member of the show committee for the hosting Rough and Tumble Engineers' Historical Association reported. 'I've never seen anything like it.'

The first three days of the show brought out such great and enthusiastic crowds from all over the continent and from as far away as Australia that it was hard to believe so many dreams could be coming true at one time. Literally thousands of people lined the fence around the enclosure which serves as the outdoor stage for Kinzers' daily 'Pageant of Threshing' on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Then, on that rainy Saturday, in spite of the weather, people came to Kinzers in droves and many of them obviously were determined to enjoy themselves no matter what. The big closing day parade, the 'Pageant of Threshing' and other outside, unsheltered events had to be cancelled, but, under the Case Expo Tent and in the many other exhibit structures on the grounds, the crowds found protection from the weather and interesting things to watch and talk about. At times when the rain slackened, they were outside again, slogging through the puddles and the go to see as much as they could see. And, there was plenty to see at this year's Expo.

For instance, there were 13 Case steam engines, including a rare 1887 10 HP portable exhibited by Richard Roy of Branchville, NY; Willis Able's magnificient 1912 110 from Finleyville, western Pennsylvania; Carl Tuttle's 1910 30 HP from Howell, MI; and another distant traveler, a 75 HP Case brought from Southampton, NY, by John Degen and Roy Dun-well. But those who might think this big, international Case show was mostly steam, you have another think coming. There were Case tractors in great abundance and variety.