Carson Valley Find

| May/June 2001

14 Lemon Road, Carson City, Nevada 89706-7011

You don't have to have a John Deere to have round spoke wheels. Just chip the concrete from the rear wheels of a Fordson.

While I was at the Carson Valley Tractor and Gas Engine Show in 1997 with my dad's unrestored 1919 Fordson that plowed our orchard from 1929 to 1943, a man asked me if I knew anyone interested in an English Fordson. I took his phone number and sometime later, after the gears in my head went around, I drove over to Yerington, Nevada, with the trailer, 'just in case.'

This old lathe still is often in use. It's been in my shop for 25 years. Marked on it is the name, The Bratford Mill Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. It has 32 inch swing with 11 feet between centers and 16 foot bed. Here it's set up shorting a torque tube for an early Ford V8. The drive shaft is next.

Ready for the Carson Valley Tractor & Gas Engine Show, south of Carson City, Nevada.

A deal was made and a year or so later the 1934 English Fordson has made the Carson Valley Tractor Pulls.