| September/October 1967

  • Folk Festival
    Courtesy of G. O. Thomas, 505 East Broadway, Newton, Kansas 67114
    W. G. Williams
  • Folk Festival
    Courtesy of G. O. Thomas, 505 East Broadway, Newton, Kansas 07114. Picture by W. G. Williams, 301 Brookside Drive, Newton, Kansas 67114
    W. G. Williams

  • Folk Festival
  • Folk Festival

505 E. Broadway, Newton, Kansas 67114

On April 14th and 15th Bethel College of North Newton, Kansas, held their bi-annual spring folk festival which consisted of displaying the many kinds of folk lore of the early days and as this is a Mennonite college and community, their early day life was rather interesting. In their many displays they invited several of the gas engine huffs to have a display of early day gas engines. Mr. A. A. Trego of 207 East 3rd, Newton, Kansas, displayed a 1907 Bauer. Mr. Alvin Jantz of 430 Mead, Newton, Kansas, brought his International, Cushman, John Deere, and an air cooled Galloway, also a small feed grinder and ground a little corn for the folks. Mr. W. G. Williams had his 5 HP Galloway which was the monster of the bunch and a 1 HP Mogul which he had pulling his grinder and also made some corn meal. G. O. Thomas of 505 East Broadway had a 1 HP Mogul, a 1917 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks and Morse and a 1904 model Fairbanks and Morse Eclipse engine. The college officials estimated a-bout 2000 people attended the festival and as the engines were all running they attracted a lot of attention, as this is a farming community. They brought back many memories for the old timers, and as for the youngsters including college students, they were a novelty. The usual questions were, 'What is it?' and 'What makes it run and how much does it cost and where did it come from?' So, after two enjoyable days we all felt we had added a little to the college festival as well as being educational for those who had never seen this type of machinery.

Picture by W. G. Williams, 301 Brookside Drive, Newton, Kansas 67114 Bethel college scene in April 1967 at Folk Festival displaying many kinds of folk lore of early days.

G. O. Thomas at Bethel College Folk Festival with a 1904 Fairbanks and Morse Model.


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