Campbell Special

| January/February 1987

1 HP engine

1215 Jays Dr. NE Salem, Oregon 97303

While attending several shows this summer, I attended the Central Oregon Old Iron Club's show that was held in Bend, Oregon in June. It was held at the Mountain View Mall and a lot of the local residents attended. There was a very good display of old engines and memorabilia. Something special was shown for the first time. It was a Campbell Special, 1 HP, running at 125 RPM. What was unique about this engine was that it was completely locally made by the Campbell Specialties Co. of Madras, Oregon. It was made entirely of parts found in the iron pile. The main frame was of channel iron, the flywheel from a separator, the piston and barrel (cylinder sleeve) from D-7 cat. The hopper was hand formed from sheet metal, the head from flat iron and both intake and exhaust from pipe, using T fittings for valve seats and a water valve for the mixer adjustment. The total cost of this engine was $2.50-that being for the material to make the crankshaft from. Round bar stock was used and cut into two pieces, with three other pieces forming the rod throw. The timing gears were model T Ford and the timer was just a piece of wire with a bolt through the timing gear. This engine ran for the entire day and didn't miss a lick. I must admit in closing that Campbell Specialties is in reality John and David Campbell from Madras, Oregon. They are local ranchers with a very good interest in old iron.