| November/December 1985

R.R. 1, P.O. Box 13, Steinauer, NE 68441

Come rain, snow, hail or drought, the Camp Creek Antique Club keeps on schedule for its show, this summer held on July 20 and 21.

The night before the opening of the show, it rained 4 inches. With a beautiful sunrise, the soil was so dry that by 10:00 a.m., they were going every place on the grounds. If anyone showed signs of problems, one of the members was there immediately and gave a pull. By noon a large crowd was on the grounds. All the planned programs kept on schedule. There were 142 units in the parade, including the steam engines, tractors, cars, trucks, and other units that are usually in parades.

The tractor collectors do an outstanding job of restoring and painting their tractors. Probably the oldest two tractors on display were a 10-20 Titan and a 1915 10-203-wheel Case.

The Arts and Crafts display was full and featured a lot of interesting things to see. The old blacksmith shop was open, as well as an old style store front with an old gas pump and a display of mechanics' tools from the 1910-1930 era.

The swap meet grove section was full of items displayed and always full of people who were looking and buying. One of the new additions was a rock crusher, restored and operating, owned by the club. Some thought it to be a Case.