Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village


| August/September 1987

  • Dru Gilliland and 1936 'C' Case
    One more good turn and she'll start.' Dru Gilliland and 1936 'C' Case.
  • John Deere model 'B' in the tractor pull
    Smith on his John Deere model 'B' in the tractor pull.

  • Dru Gilliland and 1936 'C' Case
  • John Deere model 'B' in the tractor pull


9840 Haines Road Waynesville, Ohio 45068

The Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village Old Machinery Days doubled in size at the 1986 show. In its second year, Old Machinery Days had exceeded all expectations of the planning committee.

The show began on Friday evening with a horse pull. Teams from around southwestern Ohio competed for trophies and prize money. The audience overflowed the bleachers and hung on the rail fence watching the horses straining in their harness.

A large audience was on hand Saturday to watch the tractors pull in factory plow rating classes. Antiques and classics tried to pull the sled all the way and win a trophy.

Other attractions such as threshing, baling, field plowing and machinery and gas engine displays provided spectators with a taste of farming in the olden days. Field events of belt up, wagon backing, start up and slow race gave exhibitors a chance to try their skills with antique tractors.

A weight class tractor pull brought many folks back Sunday as well as some new faces. Pull offs were common as many well built and restored tractors pulled the full 300 feet.