C. V. Antique Engine & Machinery Association

| May/June 1984

One Buckingham Drive Chambersburg, PA 17201

Since there was no old or retired iron organization of any type dealing with old farm related implements in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, a few people decided to see if there was enough interest in the area to form such an organization.

There are several individuals in the area who have quite a selection of old farm related items. A year has passed and we are doing well.

The C. V. Antique Engine &. Machinery Association has been organized. We are chartered and registered as a non-profit organization of approximately 80 members. We are located in Franklin County, but membership already spans several counties and at least two states.

During our first year we participated in several one day shows, the Greencastle Old Home Week and the Franklin County Fair. We supported the Lemasters Ruritan Show and of course our own two day show at Twin Bridge Campground, west of Chambersburg on U.S. Route 30. We also supported the Greencastle Apple Festival where we made cider and chanced off a gasoline engine, an afghan, a handmade clock, a socket set and last but not least, a turkey.

At our first annual two day show on August 13 & 14, 1983, we had approximately 45 gas engines, 65 tractors including 2 one cylinder Frick tractors, plus various other farm related items. We had an operating thrashing machine, rock crusher, and stationary baler on the premises and a parade on both days.