Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association: Branch No. 8's 10th Anniversary Show

| January/February 1992

  • Waterloo Boy tractor
    1921 Model N Waterloo Boy tractor owned by president Doug Peltzer.
    Doug Peltzer
  • John Deere Tractor
    Newly restored 1951 12A John Deere combine with sacking attachments. Owned and restored by Ron Golbek.
    Ron Golbek
  • Case steam engine
    John Boyajian at the controls of the newly restored 1909 30-45 HP Case steam engine.
    John Boyajian
  • L Case Tractor
    The Picture is also owned by Schmall; Schmall submitted both these photos.
  • 10 HP Famous Tractor
    Above, Floyd Schmall's L Case and 10 HP Famous. The Minneapolis-Moline UTS shown
    Schmall; Schmall

  • Waterloo Boy tractor
  • John Deere Tractor
  • Case steam engine
  • L Case Tractor
  • 10 HP Famous Tractor

43138 Road 52 Reedley, California 93654

Branch #8 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, located in Central California, observed their 10th anniversary show on the weekend of May 18 6k 19, 1991 at Lindy's Landing, on the beautiful banks of the Kings River near Reedley, California.

The weather was near perfect, with the temperature in the lower 70's, and the camp grounds provided plenty of shade, green grass, and a small field for the tractor exhibitors to demonstrate their skills in field work.

Since this was our 10th anniversary, a special button was available to all exhibitors, and a special effort was made to have all guests feel welcome and join us with the celebration.

Our special feature was the first presentation of a 1909 Case 30-45 HP steam traction engine exhibited by John and Mike Boyajian of Dinuba, California. Branch #8 members have waited for many years for this engine to make its first appearance and indeed its presentation was a show in itself. Many of the surrounding old timers came to the showg rounds just to see their favorite steam engine in action, smell the smoke, see the fire and steam in action, and hear their favorite sounds of the steamers four whistles. It brought back many memories to these senior citizens who remembered the days of old in the Midwest threshing fields. In addition, the Boyajian Brothers also exhibited a 1920 Model T truck, and a 1905 Commercial engine. Their brother, Jim, exhibited his 1920 4-5 HP Kermath Marine engine.

Another highlight of the show was when President Doug Peltzer paraded his newly restored 1921 Model N Waterloo Boy tractor which he recently purchased in Kansas. This tractor was in excellent condition and Doug made sure that anyone who cared to got a chance to drive it. In addition, Peltzer also exhibited his 1925 Model D John Deere Spoker tractor which was in showroom condition. This show gave the old timers and guests an opportunity to drive these old tractors around the show grounds, which made them feel young again even if just for a day. Robbie and Doris Souks exhibited their 1936 Model B John Deere tractor which was ready for any dealers showroom. Floyd Schmall exhibited a 1938 Model L Case tractor, a 1938 Minneapolis Moline Model U tractor and a 1955 MM Model 445 tractor. Floyd had the Case and the Model U MM in a tractor pull the preceding weekend and seemingly did not get any grease, oil stains, or dirt on them. You know some folks can just keep their tractors clean no matter how often they drive or use them. Floyd is just one of them. Regier Brothers, John and Gid, each exhibited a John Deere tractor, Bill Peters showed his 1936 Model J MM tractor, and Jeff John had his favorite 1946 Model G John Deere tractor.


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