| March/April 1981

We thank the PEOPLE PACER Magazine, house organ of the Western Farmers Association, for permission to reprint this article. It originally appeared in their September/October 1979 issue.

Engines that cough a little, wheeze, sputter and then patter on their way make beautiful music to Don Stanley's ears. And be they large or small, short or tall, he loves them all.

Don, who lives in Junction City, Oregon, has over 60 small gas engines and five antique trucks which he hoards in a building purchased specifically for that purpose. And his tinkering is reproducing history.

'Both Shirley, my wife, and I love old things. We started collecting antique trucks and gas engines during the gas crisis five or six years ago when we had a little extra time from our trailer sales business which we lease out now,' reflects Don.

'We figured collecting and restoring antique trucks would be a good investment. But soon the hobby became a family project,' he says.

And chasing antique shows, swap meets and engine, car and truck shows to find old parts has kept the family social life swinging between tours, parades and displays in Oregon and Washington over three or four years. For the hobby is something the Stanleys' children also relish.