| August/September 1991

  • Daviess County Fairgrounds

  • Daviess County Fairgrounds

R.R. # 1, Box 107, Edwardsport, Indiana 47528

The sixth annual White River Valley Antique and Machinery Show proved to be the very best ever! Held September 7,8,9,1990, with a big rain on Saturday, the spirits of the club members, exhibitors, and spectators were very high. On Thursday the biggest wagon train ever came rolling into the Daviess County Fairgrounds. That signaled the beginning of the show the next day.

Friday was designated as school children's day, a day to educate the children about their past heritage. The club was originated for the purpose of the collection, restoration, preservation and exhibition of antique Americana. What better way to tell the saga of yesteryear than to school children? That Friday over 3,000 children saw, firsthand, how their ancestors lived and worked.

Each day saw domestic chores at work, threshing, sawmill working, hay presses, shingle mill, Baker fans, horse-powered machinery, and field demonstrations. There was always the exploration of the tools of a time gone by with a toy display, hand tools, and other collections, horse carriages and machinery, antique cars, trucks, over 200 tractors, belt driven dynamometer and more. Crowds enjoyed the big steam engines and the sounds of their whistles to signal noon, just as they did at the threshing ring. The parade on Saturday and Sunday was always a welcomed relief; what a good time to sit a spell and enjoy the parade and rest weary bones. One of the favorite things of the young and old alike was the fun farm where all the animals were.

Browsers wandering down Main Street found a large flea market, ham and beans cooking in the black iron kettles, food stands, lemonade, apple cider being made, and homemade ice cream. If food sounds good, what about the sorghum cooking, cornmeal being ground, homemade root beer, or some honey from the resident bee hive?

Women always seem to gather at the general store and the Avenue of Shops of Yesteryear. The quilts were very interesting and so were the quilting bee ladies. How about the lye soap that was being made, and the old rug loom making those wonderful rag rugs? Demonstrations of crafts of an earlier period were continuously observed.