| December/January 1998

Before Dismantling

14150 State Rt. NN S.E. Stewartsville, Missouri 64490

At the Hamilton Steam Show at Hamilton, Missouri, a friend, Donald Walters, a member of Lathrop Antique Club, was walking around like he was on a cloud.

The town of Patton burg, Missouri, no longer had any use for their electric power plant and offered it at auction. This was a flood town that had received a government 'buyout,' and made a new town on a hill several miles up the road.

Don said, 'Guess what I got!' to Tim Griggs, Charles Pugh, a salvage expert, and his close friend Brad Foster, owner of a one cylinder International tractor. We all guessed he bought an engine at the sale.

But Don said, 'No More!' Two? was mentioned and three? 'Nope, all four! The shooting match!'

Wow! Disbelief echoed. Tim, Charles and Brad just stood there. 'Ahhh! Not possible,' was the comment. Then Charles the salvage expert was mad at himself for not attending the auction. He helped his dad at the steam show, who did a good job at the tractor pull.